Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery:

1. Enforcement Of Interim Awards Under Section 17 Of Arbitration Act

2. Filing For Application For Enforcement In Court/S

3. Conducting Attachment Process

Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code :

1. Issue Of Demand Notice

2. Filing Of Application Before Tribunals

3. Filing Of Claims Before Resolution Professionals

4. Initiation Of Liquidation Proceedings

Proceedings under Negotiable Instruments Act / Payments And Settlement Systems Act :

1. Issuing Notice

2. Initiating Criminal Complaints

3. Services Of Summons

4. Execution Of Warrants

5. Conducting Conciliation Camps

6. Follow Ups And Negotiations

Execution Of Awards And Decrees :

1. Initiate And File Execution Application For Enforcement Of Final Award

2. Identify Borrower / Co-Borrowers / Guarantors, Moveable / Immoveable Properties

3. Negotiate With Borrower For Settlement

4. Attach The Properties Through The Bailiff/Court

5. Conduct Process Of Sale Such As Valuation, Advertisement, Auction Etc

6. Taking All Possible Steps For The Recovery

Enforcement of Securities :

1. Initiating Application before District Magistrate For Enforcement Of Securities Under SARFAESI.

2. Assistance For Taking Possession Of Assets

3. Identify Buyers to Secure Maximum Value Of The Assets

4. Conducting Sale Process

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