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General Terms :

  1. insolvencyjuris.com is no way, directly or indirectly responsible for the advice and assistance provided by the Lawyers. We are an independent third party enablers who have built a platform where the clients can communicate with, and if the need be, meet the Lawyers. insolvencyjuris.com has no control over the Services provided by the Lawyer. insolvencyjuris.com will not be responsible incase of any issues/discrepancies with the Services provided by the Lawyer.
  2. insolvencyjuris.com has full rights to publish the free advice provided to their clients on their portal and in any external communication for public knowledge sharing. However, in none of the published content the user details will be displayed. Incase you wish any of your questions and their respective answers ‘not’ to be published, please use any of the other services’ options i.e. Paid Email Support, Telephonic Assistance, Meet Lawyer and / or Video call Consultation.
  3. insolvencyjuris.com has multiple Lawyers for the same service vertical / sub vertical categories and there might be instances wherein a similar question has been answered in two different ways by the Lawyer(s). insolvencyjuris.com takes no liability towards these different opinions and answers of the Lawyers and encourages you to take another opinion from ‘your’ Lawyer / alternately decide which opinion to go ahead with based on merits and logical conclusions.
All of the materials and information on the Site are provided for informational purposes only, and may not reflect current legal developments or variances in the law of different jurisdictions. The materials and information on the Site do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Lawyers of the Law Firms, their partners, clients or affiliates. The information in the Site is not guaranteed to be correct, complete or up to date. The mere receipt of an e-mail from or a "post" on the Site does not create an Lawyer-client relationship. The applicable Lawyer / Law Firm is solely responsible for providing its services to you, and you agree that insolvencyjuris.com shall not be liable for any damages or costs of any type arising out of or in any way connected with your use of such services (including, without limitation, claims based on malpractice). You agree that any claim arising out of your relationship with a Law Firm or Lawyer shall be brought solely against such Law Firm or Lawyer, and, as insolvencyjuris.com is doing nothing more than assisting the Law Firms to enable their respective practices, neither insolvencyjuris.com nor any of its licensors or affiliates shall be included within any such claim.
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