Insolvency & Bankruptcy
Code (IBC)

Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code (IBC):

The team of Insolvency Professionals and Corporate Lawyers at NAYADARSHAN ASSOCIATES supports clients with advisory as well as litigation services. The strong expertise in core Insolvency Bankruptcy Code, commercial and corporate laws, coupled with the understanding of various business sectors enables the firm to deliver holistic and effective guidance to the Clients. The team has been Involved in several matters involving the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 representing both creditors as well as debtors before various company law and appellate tribunals. The team has represented creditors in various sectors, such as power, heavy industries, tourism, and financial sector. Specifically and Manufacturing the team has rendered advisory and consultancy services to creditors on various potential issues that could arise as a result of interplay between the Code and other applicable laws. The team has also initiated insolvency resolution process and sought relief before the NCLT on behalf of various Clients. The team supports with a strategic combination of advisory and litigation throughout the course of the insolvency proceedings to our Clients in order to safeguard their financial interests

The team is also well-positioned to deliver strategic advice to asset reconstruction companies. The team aids and guides in the assessment of assets and liabilities of a stressed company and accordingly advises the risk involved in taking over businesses of stressed companies undergoing resolution process.

We provide legal support services to Corporate, Financial Institutions, IP and IPE for the efficient conduct of CIRP and Liquidation, Voluntary Liquidation Process and help in filing applications for various provisions under IBC, 2016 and Companies Act, 2013 such as Petitions, Rejoinders, Written Statement, Counter Filing with NCLT, NCLAT, or any other tribunals or courts, reply to notices and consultation on various Provisions of code

We undertake to handle litigations initiated by IRP/ Resolution Professional/ Liquidator or any other person. We appear before any of the adjudicating authority (NCLT, NCLAT, any other courts or tribunal) on behalf of Financial Creditor, Operational Creditor, Corporate Debtor applicant and IP or IPE as a counsel. We help to draft Applications, Progress Reports, Resolution Plan and other documents required to be filed before the adjudicating authority or any other authority.

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